epilepsymine blogging begins

Epilepsy is a complicated condition.  Historically, epilepsy has been mulled by uneducated superstition.  Despite science’s triumph of such superstition, epilepsy still carries a social stigma.  It’s a frightening phenomenon. whose physiological origin (the brain!) remains an area of broad and active exploration.

epilepsymine is a log of my personal education of the pathological condition of epilepsy, and a reference to relevant news and research publications.  I intend for it to be a reference for those curious about epilepsy and a source of inspiration and obligation to continue your and my own education in neurology and epilepsy.

My name is Erik Kimsey.  I am the sole author of epilepsymine.  And I am an epileptic -“idiopathic epilepsy”.  Fortunately, my affliction is well managed with medications, acute self-awareness, and lifestyle choices.  Further, I am pursuing graduate education in the dizzying neuromolecular/pharmacologic/biochemical correlations related to epilepsy.

So, stay tuned!  And, discover the brain and all-things-epilepsy with me.



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