School kids with Epilepsy…an issue I hadn’t considered

I was diagnosed with epilespy at the age of 14.  At that point, I had 4 more years of high school to complete while juggling meds and adapting my lifestyle to my new condition.  

4 years!  Yet, it never occurred to me (nor my parents, I don’t think) to consider the awareness and readiness of faculty and staff for the event of an epileptic episode!  Sure, teachers are required to hold a worn copy of a CPR certification, whose techniques they’ve long forgotten.  But, that’s not education nor preparation for the care of a student with epilepsy.  Could staff or faculty identify an absence seizure, or appropriately care for a kid experiencing a tonic-clonic episode?  Are they aware of medications a student may need while in school?

This I will look into in more depth.  In the meantime, here’s a great article on how parents of epileptics can prepare their children and the schools for the chance of an “event”…  

What Can Parents Do to Prepare for School?


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